I had an account here about a year ago but I decided to move on from it. Yesterday I made a choice to come back to the G@G community. Anything changed in the past year? How is everyone?
I noticed that the people I spoke to before are no longer active members.


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  • I've been here about a year and recently made guru. What's up with you?


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  • I don't know... I joined a few months ago and I'm not completely sure of it, but this forum might be in another universe or just stuck between two universes where thigh gap and toe cleavages are real things. And where the people are either single not by choice and having a major crush on someone or unahppy in a messed up relationship having 2-3 kids by different women/men.

    • I believe these things are world wide issues though.

    • On the Internet maybe... In real life? Well, not at least where I live...:D

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  • Yup almost everyone left but at least you came back


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