Who has played Mass Effect?

I remember when I saw this trailer I was like omfg. 😍 This looks amazing.. And it was.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I still missing the Harbinger. :(
    And ending is terrible, which color do you want? Red? Green? Blue? that's the reason why I'm missing the Reapers. The most powerfull race in the mass effect universe destroyed by the color effects? Really? XD That's unacceptable!

    Reapers must destroy the bioware and EA after this terrible ending.

    • Blame EA, it's their fault. While the ending was bad, the trilogy overall is amazing.
      I picked Synthesis

    • You're right about that, I still love the mass effect.

      Also real ending is about the "dark energy", which is mentioned in mass effect 2. Here is the more info:

      I hate EA they always messing up something.

    • They ruined Battlefront as well. They desicrate everything they touch with their filthy hands.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I have not only played and beat all of them currently released but own them as well, amazing series hate the ending on the last game -.- ah well looking forward to the next mass effect game they are currently making should be interesting and it better have a better ending.


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