Hey, I wanted to know if anybody has ever made a girl pee her pants (eg by making her laugh too much). If yes, how?


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  • to many times, i have learned the girls that are weak to it and single them out for laughter >:) im so evil... the funniest time was when i was driving my 4x4 along the countryside with 3 girls in the back, i was shouting at birds to get of the road ( they wouldlnt move but i didn't want to run them over) so i was just shouting abuse at a load of birds and with my leather seats, there was 3 puddles, 1 for each girl. after one went and peed the others laughed harder and did the same >.< it was hilarious!

    • Wow, you must be a master at this! Can you give me some tips on how to do this, please.

    • tbh i don't know what makes them funny, i rarely say jokes, its just the things i do and how the way i do them... i have dark humor if that helps >.< merrry Christmas anyway!

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  • I've made two of my friends (that I know of) do that before, it was hilarious. You just gotta make them laugh.


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  • Yeah I've done it a few times! haha. Done it once by tickling my best friend and she started peeing herself... it was so damn funny.

  • I've had them say they were about to but I never checked.


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