Im a music writer/poet, it would be great if you could follow the link and listen to a short snippet, I have never liked my voice, what your reaction?

Its ok to be cruel, do i have the voice for it?


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  • I think you want honestly not cruelty lol


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  • I think your voice is just fine. It's not like "wow, this voice is so beautiful!" but it's not ugly either. It's just average (like 95% of voices). I think it actually works quite well as a rapping voice. The only thing I'd change is that you're slurring your speech a bit too much for my taste. I think I would try to rap/sing a little more clear. Other than that, I can't see any problem :-).
    Also, I wouldn't worry too much about your voice just because you're a musician. You don't need to have an awesomely beautiful voice to be successful. Think of somebody like Bob Dylan for example. I don't think many people would consider his voice pretty but there's still some very special and memorable about it.

    • great opinion that's what i wanted, yeah you are right on speech pronunciation , i only recorded that short verse one time, of course ill go back an re record multiple times until i get it.


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  • Wouldn't be my genre but it sounds top quality to mde

  • If I were to be stranded on the planet Hoth, I would use your mixtape to keep warm.

    • For real though, you're actually really good. The only complaint I have is that your track is only 52 seconds long lol

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    • Nice! Congratulations man. What did you major in?

    • i have a history major, and a psychology major

  • Yes, you do have the voice for it! Which software (s) did you make this from?

    • ableton. does it sound decent my voice? or is it kind of iffy

    • Out of 10, I'll rate it 8/10 where 5 is average. It sounds beyond decent in my perspective.