How good a rapper am I?

@WhatTheHellAmy dared me to, so here we go:

I flow like a champ with a sore throat.


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What Girls Said 3

  • sounds... AWESOME :D :D
    whatcha saying anyways? i think i heard... weapon, complicated, and... world. in there. somewhere.

  • I highly enjoyed listening to it several times to be honest.

  • Lol first time I think German is sexy!

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    • Yeah I am gonna cry with you too. My biggest concern in life is that I am not famous at all on Gag.. what to do? 😢

      Woah! I didn't understand a thing but its like sexiness overload!!!

    • Dunno. Maybe we should open up a club where we complain about life and how we aren't famous on gag. Kind of the ultimate loser club.

      And it's exactly what I said. That most people will probably not understand me anyway. Random read up of some short-story, if you like it that much:

What Guys Said 3

  • I produce music. I have recorded with a lot of songs with artists. I like your voice. You can make something of your voice.

    What you need the conviction in your voice. And I hear that really hold back in volume as well. Try to imagine that you need convince someone that is 100 meters away from you and can hardly hear you. And all make that some FEEL what you are trying say.

    It is good to learn other people raps but there is a problem when you rap over an existing track. You will not find your own voice. You will always try to imitate the original rapper (because that is the voice you hear in head). Try and get some instrumental track. Write some own lyrics (doesn't have to be much) and rap over that. This way you will find your own voice.

    Keep going. Don't let anyone talk bad about you because they only know how a finished studio track sounds like. They have no idea that Jay-Z, 50 cent, Kanye West, etc sounded just like you before they were famous.

  • Dat German flow... At the end, you have to say "but I'm not a rapper"

  • German detected. :P