Do you lik the dresden files?

The best urban fantasy ever written
The only thing that comes close to the dresden files would be Nightside

*Do you like the dresden files


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  • I don't like Harry Dresden as a character so I couldn't get into them.

    • Did you get past the first few books.

    • Dude, I didn't get past the first book.

    • Oh, he wasn't the best writer admittedly
      Get past the first three, then you have him charge into battle against the faerie court, screaming, "I don't believe in faeries."

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  • I love Butcher's Dresden files. You might like the Rivers Of London series. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

    • The nightside,
      Read the Nightside,
      The first book has Jim Butchers recommendation on it

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    • Try the Secret historys, they in the same universe as the nightside

    • Its supernatural james bond,
      The opeing of the first one has an exorcism stylized as a political assassination

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