Has anyone ever watched the Lars Von Trier film Nymphomaniac? Did it change the way you viewed sex?

It's on Netflix but be warned its not rated and contains a lot of explicit scenes. Personally by the end of the 2-part nearly 5+ hour film, if you watch the directors cut (which I recommend), I was left rethinking my whole approach to sex and really life in general. The story is told through a women telling her life story to a man who helps her out on the street. The first scene was a drag and I almost shut it off but I sat threw it and it was totally worth it. It's definetly not for the easily shocked. On the surface it just seems like a woman enforcing her right to sexuality but in the end it seems more like a social commentary on humanity as a whole. Good movie. Its reviews are always mixed but it's not because of the quality of the movie most people give bad reviews because they disagree with or can't handle the content. So if you're really into feel good Disney movies or RomComs stay far far away. You will probably hate it. Although the film is in English, it was nominated for and won several awards in Two Danish film festivals and the director has been nominated and won at the Cannes Festival and the Sundance festival among others. Had he premiered this movie at those festivals I'm sure he would've at least been nominated. He's been listed by Sight&Sound as one of the top modern film directors and this is definetly his magnum opus. Watch it if you're 18+ (probably more like 21+) if you haven't already. If you have what did you think about it?


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  • Yeah I did watch it, both volume one and 2. It didn't, at all really.


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  • no my views on sex are pretty rock solid. people can do what they want but are not free from judgment or consequences. pretty much true about everything in life.

    • You should watch the movie. I think you'd like it.

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    • I wasn't really comparing the films. Just making reference to the length and how it's separated into two volumes even though it's suppose to be one full movie.

    • Yeah I was just making reference to how you can't get more liberal than me without being retarded

  • Nope,
    Lars Von Trier is overrated though

    • Yeah sometimes. I really like this one though

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    • Do yourself a favor

    • I like weirder movies. I'll probably enjoy it