What is your favourite film noir movie?

What is your favourite film noir movie?


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  • I mean, okay, I liked the Maltese Falcon, but yr probly gna say that's a cop-out answer.

    Double Indemnity is pretty much the one that started it all, so, that's a good place to start.

    They Live By Night is good, too. When you watch that one, you must keep in mind that "teenager" is a concept that literally did not exist yet, at that point in time. Wasn't a thing at all. You were a kid, then bam! adulthood. Gives the kid in a tie and a leather jacket a whole new dimension.

    And, The Killers. Because Kitty is fuckin' hot. The way she rocks that dress, and is so nonchalant about it? Work it girl.


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  • What's the one where the insurance guy plots with some wife to kill her husband?
    Double Indemnity?
    That was pretty awesome.
    They showed it in theaters this summer and I went and saw it with my fam.

    • That's the one. That's also pretty much universally regarded as the first genuine example of the FN genre.

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    • I mean, it set a standard, for sure, but I wouldn't say THE standard. It's rare for the pioneering work in any field to be THE standard.

      "The" would be more like Maltese Falcon. Or Sunset Blvd, which, ironically, was Billy Wilder's (director of Double Indemnity) only other noir film.

    • @redeyemindtricks Sunset Blvd is my favourite one


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  • Casablanca... ..

  • "Life as as a House" 2001... The Best from the Rest.
    Good luck and Nice Take @Sexualchrist. xx

  • I'll go with "Moonrise" from 1948.


  • I've always wanted to explore the genre more. Just answering so I can easily come back to this...

    I like the Philip Marlowe book series quite a bit. And recently, I loved both the book and movie of Inherent Vice, which is sort of modern noir.

    Is the Marilyn Monroe film "Niagra" considered noir? I watched that not long ago and enjoyed it.

    • It might be. To be honest I just asked to make fun of the excessive smoking, sexism and bad acting of the genre lol

    • Oooh. 😁 You've got to check out Brick, then, for a modern take on it.

    • I think I've seen it but not for a while. I started watching a film noir movie the other day with a friend of mine. We were laughing so hard at all the smoking and stuff. The story was actually pretty good at the start but it tapered off towards the end.

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