Really fun 21st birthday ideas that DON'T involve bars of any type :( ?

I'm turning 21 this year and ever since I was 7 years old I've wanted to go to a gay bar because it became very apparent to me that it is absolutely impossible to meet females who like females. My best friend adimently refuses to go with me to Portland to spend my birthday at one, and I can't go without him because I don't have any other friends in the state and I can't go to a foreign city by my lonesome so he's decided that if I want him to be a part of my birthday I have to choose something else. I don't want to but apparently I have to but I have no ideas since I've been planning the gay bar night since I was a kid. I need help figuring out new ideas that don't involve any bars cuz he hates them. Please help! I'm really really sad that I won't get my dream and need to find something else fun so Ill be able to have some form of enjoyment and won't feel to upset about the fact I have only another milestone in my life that I desperately wanted to take part in that I can't because I'm not allowed to. Any ideas?


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  • you knew you were gay since you were 7 and knew about gay bars since 7 and have planned this out for 14 years? bullshit

    • Not bull shit. I've known I was gay since I was 4 and kissed a girl I liked in pre-k and got punished by the Christian school that I went to pre-k at. I've known about gay bars since I was 7 because my father is bisexual and didn't hide it from me.

    • well, you live in portland so i guess it makes sense, but i still call bullshit. anyways, i'll play along. just do literally anything else. bowling, college party, if it's in the summer, amusement park. go to a basketball game.

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  • Sixflags?