Are people still able to check if you have looked at their Facebook page?

I'm going to be honest. I want to take a peak at someone's page, I could easily send him a friend request since I was with him when I searched his name to show him our mutual friends. I didn't see the need to send a friend request at the time since I don't know him well.

So is it possible to see who goes on your page? I know there's those apps that somehow list who looks at your page the most , I'm not sure how accurate they are.


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  • No. Many apps have been made useless because facebook has made some changes. Though apparently you can tell if someone's been checking your profile by typing in the first letter of their name in the search bar (or first letter of their last name). If they're on the top of the list, then they've checked out your profile.


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  • Nope.. There isn't any way to find out who checked your profile on Facebook. Maybe there are other apps that provide the facility


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  • No it is not possible. Those apps are really hoaxes.


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