Anyone want to recommend TV shows for me to watch?

Currently I'm usually watching SuperNatural when I have free time, and I think I'm mostly interested in similar type or genre of shows or even similar character types.

In particular to Anti-Heroes as the leading characters.

Prior to SuperNatural I was watching the entire series of 24 (no I did not watch it in real-time as a marathon but I did kind of tried that once) and the leading character of that show, "Jack Bauer" is an anti-hero archetype. And I know the WInchesters in SuperNatural fit the category of antiheroes.

The genre would typically be in either the science-fiction, horror, and possibly mixed with comedy, and I also like the post-apocalyptic genre, so any recommendations of TV shows relevant to that genre is much appreciated or any show recommended to me that consists of any major supporting characters or their leading characters that are of the antihero archetype is much appreciated.


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  • Daredevil is awesome, I recommend that one.

    • Speaking of the Daredevil tv series, I heard something about them pursuing to make a spin-off TV show for The Punisher. Again, I'm looking for the Anti-Hero archetype, but I think it would be perfect I start here, and since it's not a really long season for Daredevil, just checked over at Wikipedia, it's around a dozen episodes for it's first season so that's perfect!

      I forgot to mention that I'm also looking for something that is shorter in number of episodes per season or something like that. Anything that is over 20 or 30 episodes per season I'd probably would have to put on hold until like Spring Break or when my semester in school is over first.

  • I can recommend The Expanse. Best science-fiction show in years. It isn't on Netflix yet, but I think you can watch it on the Syfy website, if you have an American IP address.

    • Just checked at Wikipedia. So it's a science fiction tv show with only 10 episodes for it's first season. Hmm. that's good in terms of length and pacing! It fits the criteria I was looking for, just forgot to mention I prefer fewer number of episodes per season if possible. I'm also trying to avoid something around 2 dozen episodes or more per season if possible, gonna have to get back to them when I have time.

      One other thing, Thomas Jane is in this show, so that brings back some memories of his role as The Punisher.

  • The old series Alias, X-Files

    • I was thinking of The X-Files, I had watched them before never got around to finishing them. Maybe I should start with the newest content such as the reboot or it's 10th season.

    • I guess I'm a purist. I always start with season one episode one.

    • I could always go back to them later. I think I need to look for something a bit more shorter to fit the criteria, especially if it's already a completed or rebooted or renewed series.