Is a PlayStation Vita or Xbox One worth buying for their exclusives?

Since many Xbox One and PlayStation Vita games are on PC and PS4 and even PS3.


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  • Do you want to be able to play any of those exclusives on the go? Because if that's what you want or if you constantly have to be traveling and on the go between work, school, hom, etc., then Vita may be worth it.

    I think the XBox One is probably a good alternative compared to a really hardcore gamin computer such as a gaming desktop which typically comes with like liquid cooling and overclocking of various components or even a fairly expensive but really good gaming laptop. And that is because it would cost less to buy an XBox One compared to either of those PCs and you'd still be able to play some of the games that are already on the PC and then you also have the console exclusive options.


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  • Unless you have enough money to buy the console and games and pay the subscription to play online (Xbox gold and PlayStation Plus) then it's not worth it since there are so few exclusives.

  • Nope. If you have a PS4 and a PC then I think you're all set.