Why when I send someone a message on facebook it goes directly to their other folder?

I've noticed on facebook I will receive a message from someone that im not connected to and they're message will appear in my inbox. But when I send someone a message (if I'm not friends with them) mines go to a different folder where they can't see it. I sent a guy a message today in the morning hoping he receives it. I'm not friends with him but I'm hoping he sees it. It confuses me because some receive my mail and others don't.


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  • Maybe they had customized their inbox settings and had them configured specifically for where incoming messages goes to for friends of friends and/or those that are not on their friends list.

    • True , I remember before on facebook they had this cool thing where you add a little note when you send someone a request attached. I don't understand why nomore.

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  • Go ask FACEBOOK since that's the site you're having problems with.