So I have this Huge cardboard Tube and I do mean huge. Its from a big room carpet we brought and I want to redo my room deco. I saved the tude and I want to use it, any Ideas?


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  • Mayer you can use it like an "advertising column"? I think it would look lovely and give your room a cozy atmosphere if you'd wrap a chain of lights around it? :)

    Before doing that, you can paint or spray the cardboard tube. And if you like, also glue some inspirational quotes, photos of your friends & family, etc. on it.

    Or just make a giant Minion out of it 😂😂

    • Lmao AS temptimg as that giant minion idea is my color scheme is White and Silver. I really like your idea;D

    • Glad you like it haha :D Oh, then it would perfectly fit in there!!

  • Maybe you could make a big tree and use that as the trunk and then make branches with paper mache and toilet paper tubes and use them to hang jewerly and other not to heavy things?

    Or cut the tube in smaller pieces like this to store shows or scarfs or whatever you want:

  • Make a lamp? a Shelf?