Im auditioning for disney help me choose a song to sing?

Okay so I'm auditioning for high school musical 4 (and i was a huge fan of the first 3 hsms when I was younger) They are going to ask me to sing a song and I'm not sure if I should sing one from the original movie probably "what I've been looking for" (if you know that song or watched the original movie) Or if I should sing just like a regular pop song like one by Rihanna. Helpppp me please!


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  • I don't want anything to do with Disney, they are completely evil in my eyes.


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  • i believe by picking a song, you're saying you think you're as good as that artist OR better so be careful. dont do any song you dont know like the back of your hand. know every word or forget it. I've tried learning the lyrics and it takes forever; waste of time. pick something that fits your characters personality

    • they haven't given me a specific character. But thanks for the info !

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    • I actually wanted to sing a song by melanie martinez tho but I wasn't sure if that was completely appropriate especially because in one of the songs (dollhouse) it talks about sex and cannabis lol

    • well it depends. if you're a risktaker, Melanie all the way. i personally think Carousel would be a better idea, but i think Dollhouse is way up there on her "best" list. Mrs. Potato Head has a good message (dont hafta be plastic to be perfect). it all delends on how you wanna market yourself