Who absolutely LOVES JT's first new single in three years?

Justin Timberlake is arguably one of the most talented singer/dancer/actor/producers out there. Who thinks this song from the upcoming movie TROLLS is going to be the song of summer 2016?
The video features the stars of the movie having too much fun. 😊

  • I love it AND think it'll be the song of summer 2016
    38% (3)25% (1)33% (4)Vote
  • I Love it but something else will be the song of summer 2016
    25% (2)0% (0)17% (2)Vote
  • I hate it but do like other songs of his more
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
  • I hate all his music
    25% (2)75% (3)42% (5)Vote
  • JT could yodel and I'd love it.
    12% (1)0% (0)8% (1)Vote
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  • There's nothing to argue about, he's not even close to being relevant or the best at any of those things you mentioned.


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