Why do people sometimes not reply to Facebook messages? (please read below)?

I'm not asking in the sense that the person read the message and never replied, like I'm not asking for the reason behind it. Im asking for the tech aspect behind it. Like having to do with the Facebook app/website. It's just I've noticed that sometimes I'll send certain friends messages. They're my friends on FB so they should get them with no problem, they shouldn't be going to the other folders. But sometimes I'll send a
message to someone who is usually pretty active on Facebook but they never even open it. And it's not because this person dislikes me and doesn't wanna open my messages or something like that. They just never seem to open them. I mean I don't get it. Facebook sends you a notification. I don't even have the FB Messenger app. I just have the Facebook app, and yet it still tells me when someone sends me a message. Of course I can't open it on the FB app, I have to go to the website page but still, I do get a notification I just don't understand how some people never get a notification or that red Facebook alert button that says they have a message. Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad, I'm just genuinely curious as to how this happens?


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  • Some facebook messages don't arrive where you expect them.


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  • I often don't reply on Facebook messages. I don't have the app either so I get a message from the app indeed and then have to go on my browser.
    Sometimes I just forget to answer so I swipe the message away and then forget.
    Ofcourse there are also people who don't have the Facebook app at all.
    But more about my case. I'm definitely not a casual chatter. I like to talk, not to chat so at people I don't really care about I sometimes don't reply and if it's really worth talking to (like making plans), I give that person my number so he/she can send me a whatsapp.
    I guess my behaviour can be a little rude, but I really don't like chatting. It sort of makes me feel uncomfortable. I never know what to say and if I don't say it in the wrong way etc.

  • Busy with other things that are far more important than answering someone's text

    • You probably assume everybody must be glued on to their phones all day texting in FB