Death Is When We Wake Up?

Hey, I got a question for you guys and I want to hear your thoughts.

If we die, do you think we'll be born somewhere else in another realm, and different universe, or just a different reality? If we were born here, now, in the 21st century why can't we be born somewhere else again when we die?
Our brains cannot remember what it hasn't experienced and so this may be why we can't remember our past lives.

Even if you are religious it is all possible God created Hell for the wicked to burn forever rather than escaping to another reality.

What do you think?

Death Is When We Wake Up?

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  • I like to think of the possibility although I'm too much of a realist to really believe in it.
    I think when you die it all just ends. Nothingness. That's it..
    There's however supposed evidence for reincarnation with all the people seeking hypnotists for special sessions where they are apparently going so deep into your mind that your souls remembers actual past lives. I've watched a documentary about this once and it was very interesting because the hypnotised people were actually capable to remember details of places and history that a normal person could never possibly have known about. They even proceeded to take those people to the places they saw while being hypnotised and they described the feeling as very familiar and could even describe the houses and infrastructure of the past.
    That was very impressive to me however the evidence seems too thin to really believe in it, I'm intrigued enough so that I do wanna get hypnotised to try it someday though :)

    • Maybe the evidence is thin but I agree it does sound like a fun idea to give a try.

      Maybe after the session you just might come back to this question saying "Never mind, I'm a believer" xD

    • Lol yeah who knows! 😄
      But seriously, even if scientists would find there's something like an after life don't you think they'd keep it a secret? I mean just think about how the number of suicides and homicides would go up that news could be like the end of humanity. :o

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  • It's quite possible, but we can't be sure.

    • Thank you for MHO


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    • Ah it's okay I appreciate you posting the pic though I saved it on my phone, thanks to you xD

    • Haha weell no problem. I love quotes, (if you can't tell by my bio) so I'm chock full of them :)

  • It is plausible, I mean people who have experience near death situations typically state that they walk towards a light or something which could serve as a gateway. However I am of course not certain as I have no recollection of past lives. In saying this, death is an unknown experience and many are afraid of the unknown so we try to place explanations so it is no longer unknown.

  • Read this book called elsewhere that described the after life as a reflection of this one. U start aging backward until ur reborn into the world again,

    • But what do you think of the question? Do you think when you die you'll be born elsewhere or are you implying that you think the same way as the book?

    • I liked the book but i wouldn't want it to be true. Id be more comforted if we all stopped existing after death. Reincarnation sounds tiresome, so does heaven imho.

  • I think it would be good if we could reborn. But it seems impossible and there's no evidence of it.
    So, I think death is the end. We no longer exist.


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  • I think your talking about a lot of superstitious hypotheticals. I don't think we'll be born somewhere else because there's no evidence for it.

  • What do you think 'you' consist of, besides the cells in your body? When you die, YOU die. Surely?

    • It's been two days already? I guess I've been distracted.

      Would you mind elaborating?

    • On the face of it, it seems absurd to talk about 'you' doing anything at all, after that same 'you' has died. For this to make any sense, I guess you'd have to say there's a part of you, or even a true 'you', which is not part of the body that dies. When I think about this, I think we can account for every aspect of humanity by just describing the physical, biological body of a human - the idea of a 'soul' isn't needed to account for things like intelligence, personality, etc. So I don't see a reason to postulate the existence of any part of a dead person other than the dead bit. Do you?

  • Sounds lazy.

  • Possible, but highly unlikely.

  • My only qualm with that theory: If there is some sort of afterlife or alternate reality, why are we here now? What is the point of this realm if we all end up going to another anyway? Why weren't we just born straight into the other realm?

    • Perhaps with each realm is hosted by another entity.

    • The only explanation I can possibly offer is that there has to be more than one other realm, and each is meant for different types of people. What we do in this realm determines which one we go to when we die.

      Whether its good and evil, worldly or spiritual, order or chaos - I don't know.

  • Nah.
    If that did happen in what way is it you? You're a completely different person with no memory of the past life so it's not you, so you just died and someone else was born, which is nothing strange, people die and other people are born all the time

    • If life really is a dream sequence then by answering your question, it may mean that there might be an end to all these dreams.

    • What's the difference between the dream sequence ending and this one dream ending (dying)? It seems like the same thing to me, since you don't remember anything from the last one