Any Thoughts On The New MacGyver?

Any Thoughts On The New MacGyver? I grew up with the Original and enjoyed it a lot as a kid! That being said I will watch this one with "Havoc" as Mac but only if Anderson pops up somewhere in the very first episode. If not, that will be the only one I watch. (CBS cancels a lot of good shows and replaces them with crap) Overall, I'm very cautious about this new MacGyver.

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  • Where The Heck Is Richard Dean Anderson Already! (Cautious) Any Thoughts On The New MacGyver?
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  • I didn't even watch the trailer. There is only one MacGyver and he's a little to old to be in it


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  • Unless he's the son of the actual original MacGyver I'm not interested.

  • Richard Dean Anderson is Colonial O'Neil to me now, And a new MacGyver coukld be cool or it could suck bigtime.