Do you think Stairway To Heaven was plagiarized?

Stairway To Heaven has often been recognized as the greatest rock song of all time. However, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are currently on trial, having been accused of plagiarism. They have been sued by the band Spirit for ripping off their song Taurus.

I like Led Zeppelin and I like Stairway To Heaven, but I do think that Page and Plant will have a hard time explaining this.

Here's Taurus...

And here is Stairway To Heaven...

What do you think?


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  • oh dear. i heard it too. hopefully they can work something out, because that's a great song. actually the song by spirit is kind of cool too.

    • I read somewhere that they'd offer ONE DOLLAR if they gave them songwriting credits.

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  • I can hear some similarities but not enough to warrant saying plagiarism. Let's be honest, there's only so many chord progressions and note structures one can use before some start to sound similar.

    As an aside, whoever thinks st stairway to heaven is the greatest rock song of all time needs to listen to more music. It's not even the greatest zeppelin song.

    • I agree. I mean, I like Stairway to Heaven, but I really don't see why or how it's the "greatest rock song ever. E... VER". Personally, I think Kashmir is probably their best song.


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  • Not really, they don't sound the same at all.

  • Lawd! It sounds SO MUCH like the beginning... O. o
    They have a case there...

    • I'm so stumpped because I looked up to Jimmy and Robert for the longest time. Breaks my heart a little. :(

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