Anyone up for some fantastic Australian Metal?

People of GAG, may I introduce to you, the greatest 3-track sequence in all of Metalcore? :P

It's ambient, it's brutal, it's technical and melodic... and the lyrical content is THEE raddest combination of conspiracy, spiritual, and geo-political themes. It's some seriously next-level stuff in my opinion, lyrically and musically... These songs should be listened to IN ORDER... but I would say the 2nd song has the most "appeal" to the average listener, it is by far the most melodic.

Anyways... let me know what you think!





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    • Kcavemen are a death metal band from Adelaide. Check out these videos. Just add a dot between the "tu" and "be"

      youtu be/nroPEgVEcGo
      youtu be/U3ZU9RMjwSg
      youtu be/jdeqrp4iwns

    • by the way, he didn't even post GOOD metalcore. If you want GOOD metalcore, look up Straight Line Stitch.

  • This isn't metal. O. o
    It's scremo emo...

    • Well Metalcore is derived from Metal, and "Screamo" implies emo... but this is not emo lol.

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    • I consider Screamo to be like screamy, generic "scene" bands that emo chicks go nuts over lol. This is not that thankfully... 😆

    • Vocally - it's identical. I know. I'm a vocalist - primarily in (real) metal bands.

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