What is your opinion on Jesse Eisenbergs lex Luthor?

I felt that he did a terrific job in giving us a different look on the character but it wasn't entirely likable. But I don't believe that it was the actors fault I think it was just the terrible writing I mean c'mon batman and superman moms had the same name and they didn't really any dialogue plus they only fought once in a movie where they should be fighting at least half of the movie.
I actually really liked this lex Luther a lot. He was sometimes really terrifying in the movie and yes he was a little more psychotic than I wanted him to be but in the superman animated series he was at least a bit crazy in my mind because no sane person wouldtry to take on the man of steel without superpowers of some sort


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  • I didn't like him.
    I liked Ben Affleck as Batman though he really nailed it.


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  • The movie was rushed but thay not what were talking about.

    They bascally made him schizophrenic lex luthor i guess?

    Lex luthor is supposed to have a manly sorta boss like attidute he's a pyschpath sorta or have thoose tendcies. He think he's a elite and above everyone else. But he's supposed to be two faced and loved by the community and helping people.

  • Wasn't Lex Luthor at all, But he is very limited in what he can do so it's no surprise.

  • only good in trailer

  • some parts he was good and other times he just seemed like a little dork. maybe he'll do a better job with a bald head lol

  • I've only seen the trailer but he looked too comical and seemed more like a clown than a ruthless power hungry mad man or whatever the hell he's supposed to be in the comics.