Opinion for these drawings?

Are the proportions correct? Does something look weird? How could I improve?
Opinions are welcomed!! Thanks!!!
Opinion for these drawings?

Okay, so I don't think I can add more images now, so I'll just leave a link to another couple of girls I made earlier



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  • Not so sure about the right leg of the cat but I couldn't do any better.
    I particularly like the one of the girl the end of her nose if a bit shaded but other than that it looks like a drawing for a girl in a disney movie which is good by the way really good. Plus she's hot. Just saying.

    • You're right, that leg looks weird. Thanks for your opinion on the girl drawing. She is the one I like the most out of all the others I've made. I'm sure she'd be flattered to know someone called her hot, lol.
      And I was not aware that my style was similar to Disney's style. I feel accomplished. Thanks

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    • Thanks for MHO
      and hot girl's friends are also very good.

    • ╭( ・ㅂ・) و ̑̑ ˂ᵒ͜͡ᵏᵎ⁾✩

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  • I like your style! the proportions are just fine 😊
    maybe the first stripes of the cat look odd, I mean I think they should be on top as they get closer to the head and the tail on full view would look better too (or does it have a short tail?)

    • Thanks! I admit I did a messy job with the stripes, and the tail is normal length, but the angle wasn't showing it completely, so I supposed I messed that up too.
      I was looking for external insight since my brother is the only person I show my drawings to, and he has proven to be a harsh critic, telling me that the cat's head was way too big and the girl's face looked 'weird'

    • the thing with the tail is that it has no depth, so to speak, in a lineal drawing it will always look short
      and the girl looks beautiful, it's a cartoon
      the cat's head looks just fine, it has to be "big" because of the angle 👍

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  • Those are really good! It doesn't look like anything is wrong with them, but I can't draw so I probably wouldn't know. But they look really good!

  • They are good, continue drawing. And work on shading. You'll be better & better in the near future ;)