Any Sci-Fi people willing to help?

I'm writing a sci-fi story but I am DREADFUL at coming up with these sorts of things. I've got the basic plot and storyline and everything... But the problem is the protagonist is supposed to hack into all these government computers and I'm not really sure where to even begin on describing the details of that scene. I have no idea how that could possibly pan out.

Anyone have any ideas or at least any advice?

Thanks in advance !!


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  • Yikes. I can see why you're having trouble since hacking is supposed to be incredibly time consuming irl. My suggestion is to either change the story so that someone else does the hacking, have them find someone's passwords, or do looooooots of research so you understand the process well enough to make it interesting. That last one is a little dicey though and the NSA might get extra curious ;/

  • An awesome stealthy hack with a supporting character asking questions so you can explain the actions.