Do you think it is a good idea for me to finally start up my YouTube channel?

Ciao. So, I am sixteen years old and for the past two years I have been wanting to start up a YouTube channel. I love photography, acting, singing, I draw a lot and I am all around an outgoing, (hopefully) humorous, laid back person. I've wanted to start on YouTube to not only document my life right now, but to expose myself to the world and entertain people. It would make my day to know I brought a smile to at least one persons face by doing the things I love. What are your guy's opinions? Should I, or should I not?


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  • Definitely start it! It could be fun and you will share what you like. I wish I started one back when I had the time.


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  • Go 4 it!

  • it takes a lot of time to make a youtube channel
    look at mine only 200 sub but with good work i got 206

    srsl go for it

  • Why not? - Go for it.

  • If you're hot. Yeah.

  • Hm well what do you like photographing?
    What kind of acting?
    And singing? As in covers?

    Though none of that matters lol!!
    But of course you should do it.
    Get exposure for potential great oppertunities. Showcase your abilities & artwork. And if you truly mean this part haha... brighten up people's day.

    Good luck with it mate :)

    • I do photoshoots for models sometime (sometimes i model but only rarely), I have been in multiple plays and musicals, and i prefer singing covers and my own music but i am in select choir. and i really do mean it when i say i want to make people smile. thank you for your advice

    • Wow all that!! That's incredible. I think your channel will be great. Sorry if the questions above came off like an interrogation haha. I was just curious.

    • it's all fine!! and thank you c:

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