I would rather live in a fantasy world. Is this normal?

Before I start, let me just say that I still have friends and I'm in second year university for nursing. I still go out and talk to people. I have an amazing boyfriend who I love so much. But most of the time I feel like reality sucks compared to my fantasy world. There are times where I daydream about it for hours (I will usually listen to music when I do this ). I picture myself as an epic Mage fighter, going on adventures with characters I've made up in my head. (Sometimes my real life friends but not often, usually just my boyfriend) I have always loved movies, anime, tv shows, and video games. I feel so happy in my fantasy world and I just feel like I don t want to leave. It can be hard to focus sometimes and I do zone out a lot. This kind of started when I started college and when my dad got sick ( he just passed 4 months ago ). I'm just happier in my world. Is this normal? I'm 20 by the way


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  • I would not find this a problem unless you cannot tell the fantasy and the real world apart - When you have college or you are meet your boyfriend, you go no issue.


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  • go see a therapist seems like you are coping in an unhealthy way as it is affecting your ability to focus


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  • That is not normal to be daydreaming that that age about things like that. It sounds like your trying to cope with a deeper problem. Go get help if you can.

  • Yeah , I live in fantasy world. So i know how you feel but i have
    delusional behavior with Bipolar. Sometimes deaths of loved ones
    can lead us to become this way.

  • I think its pretty normal to think about stuff like that
    i day dream about having powers like superman and saving people lol


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