What do you think of bands who say that they will play on forever with different members?

About a year or so ago, KISS's Paul Stanley said that he looked forward to the day when someone replaced him in KISS. He said that the band would "play on forever" and just keep rotating members. Slipknot's Corey Taylor recently said the same thing as well.

Have you heard any other bands or musicians say this? Do you think they're serious about it? Personally, I don't know if they really believe that, but if they do, I would say that they're overstating their importance, influence, and legacy.


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  • I respect bands like Green Day, who have said "The only way anyone is leaving this band is in a coffin" and aren't going to get replacements, and just end when the band members die or they decide to call it quits as a group (Yellowcard and My Chemical Romance, I'm looking at you), because I feel like that's the best course of action. If you shift around in your early days, or something drastic takes place (i. e. Spencer Smith's addiction) and for their health they want to quit, I understand that, but the idea of rotating to play on forever seems bad to me.

    You do have to realize that Slipknot is a bit of a special case, though. #6 (Shawn "Clown" Crahan) is the only original member still left, since #1 (Joey Jordison) left and and #2 (Paul Gray) died. #8 (Corey Taylor) isn't even an original. It wouldn't be that weird for them to just continue rotating, seeing as #6 is bound to die or leave sooner or later, and then no one is an original.


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  • I think it is possible but very unlikely. If they could step out of the band and introduce the new members with an absolute megahit with the new members as the original performers if it then they could phase the new members in and themselves out, only making really rare and special appearances.
    I think this is the only way it could work because most kiss fans are not only loyal to the music but to Gene and Paul etc so if it was a bunch of new guys just playing the same old songs then they would be pretty much the same as Elvis impersonators and not taken seriously. But if the new members could whip up a megahit of their own under the kiss brand, they could potentially start the band fresh and incorporate the old songs into live performances and be accepted by the old fans. That would create a very demographically diverse fan base which would lead to super money.
    But the kiss sort of glam rock style of music had it's day 30 years ago so I really don't see it happening but nothing is impossible and it would actually be cool to see it happen in my opinion.


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  • Money and fame is a powerful allure. Artistic integrity often runs a distant second.

  • "Ladies and gentlemen, the Rolling Stones! Year 2126 version!"

    Only Mick and Keith would still be in it...

  • I do feel like it is a retirement fund tour sometimes - While at their peak, it is fine to change around members but when it goes on and they keep changing it gets into the area of being a tribute band.

  • Well for one KISS sucks major balls. (Shots fired)
    Two, they aren't even the same band, its fucking pathetic

  • The Four Aces do it already. All original members are dead, but they are active since 1950. The Drifters as well are still active since 1953, without any original members in the line-up.