Do you think this song is kinda creepy?

This is the translation of the lyrics. It's sung by a Turkish female singer. I found the woman in the song emotionally abusive.

Bang Bang

It's quite cold here, the sun is not showing up
He is not picking up the phone
Tells me to wait, what's the hurry
He can't escape, my eyes won't lose him

Either take me with you from here
Or try to hear me from there
I'm gonna kill myself
Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!

I swear, I'm not bluffing
I need you, certainly
Willingly or by force

I swear, I'm not bluffing
I need you, certainly
Only if you could understand my emotions in this abundance


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What Guys Said 1

  • Not the wisest lyrics to put out in a public song especially if she had impressionable young fans


What Girls Said 1

  • This is not emotional abuse it is psychological abuse. She is threatening to hurt herself so he feels terrified to leave. He would feel at fault if she died. Yes, it's creepy and it's psychological abuse.