So what's the deal with the zombie apocalypse?

As in, why does the idea exert such a powerful appeal at this point in history? Like, do we secretly feel like everyone around us is brainwashed, and we reeally want to stove their head in with a spade? Or do we feel like we don't have enough self actuation, and we long for a free-for-all, where we can live off our wits and ingenuity? Love to hear your thoughts on what it means about us deep down!


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  • I think it has to do with the "Reset" button appeal. Let's face it, the world has become an extremely boring and mundane place. No longer is there any sense of adventure, wonder, or awe; no longer do our lives truly feel meaningful. I think the appeal with zombies is that it would give us some new sort of adventure -- even if it's a crisis -- and thus a break from the mundane. There would actually be something meaningful and interesting going on.

    I will also say that I think Zombies and Vampires resonate with people based upon political affiliation. I think that Liberals are more likely to fear Zombies because of mindless consumerism, conformity, and the breakdown of social structures which they place so much confidence in. It forces an individualist spirit. This is why Conservatives love the genre. Similarly, I think that Conservatives are more afraid of Vampires because they symbolize the breakdown of tradition, literal bloodsuckers feeding off of other's livelihood, and a tiny minority forcing us to change our way of life. It forces society to adapt. This is why Liberals love the genre so much.

    • Fascinating - I hadn't thought about it in terms of a quest for meaning! Thank you that was highly enlightening


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  • I think we are subliminally all hoping for some kind of break from our menial lives of working out of necessity and would like an adventure and a chance to either be a hero or die trying and start the world over properly this time.

  • I'm actually more interested in a self apocalyptic story, where the system just fails,

    • There would be something undeniably satisfying anout that! (Sometimes I find myself wishing that the oil would hurry up and run out already, so the whole system would be forced to undergo a revolution... surely things would end up better after getting rid of mountains of inefficient and outdated crap!)

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