He blocked me for no reason?

So I was blocked by a celebrity on facebook today... I wasn't sure if it was really that celebrity. All I know is that they liked my comment on their fan page so I sent them a request. On that profile he only had one pic, nothing on his timeline except for fans posting. And I sent him a couple very neutral friendly messages Even the friendslist was set to private... Last night I went on a rant on facebook and this is what I posted...

I dont believe anything anymore... This whole world is swamped with Liars, manipulative, cheating, theiving, murdering, perverse, coniving, FAKE, Violent, careless, destructive, and stupid people. Wake up people! Look at whats going on around you! If you dont care then you are stupid and probably one or more of what I mentioned above. When I was younger I used to see things so innocently, thought the world wasn't a bad place to be. Boy was I delusional as hell! Wtf

Anyways thats what I posted and I think it may have triggered that person and they blocked me because it was a fake profile. What do y'all think?


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  • Ok first off, I hope you realize most celebrities have someone run their social media. If you posted that on your FB profile than I doubt he saw it. But if you messaged him that than to be honest, that sounds really dramatic and odd. So I wouldn't blame him/whoever runs his social media for blocking you because they don't want to deal with drama.


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  • Fake probably and like here, which blocking is nothing but sometimes necessary, Fake people in more than one way.


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  • I think your logic is correct


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  • That is sad