How does everyone feel about illegally watching movies/shows?

I used to be against it, but over time I grew towards the idea. Oftentimes, in the past, I'd pay monthly fees for legal online streaming sites, but I found that overtime they just didn't have the content that I was after - rather other legal online streaming sites had them. This really brassed me off as I'd have to pay for multiple streaming sites at once just to watch the content I was after. This sparked the question, "Why not just have one streaming site that has all the content that I want, instead of the content being spread out across many different streaming sites?" After knowing that this sort of site wouldn't come to fruition, I started to watch my content illegally. I still pay for some of the content - the one's that I want to watch in the best quality... but that's it. What's your stance on this/what side are you on and has your feelings towards it changed over time?


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  • You should pay when you can, especially when you can pay the creator directly. Decentralized distribution gives you the best variety.

  • It's whatever... people usually tor**** any how...