Opinions of led Zeppelin?

Do any of you actually know who led Zeppelin is. Being 16 the people my age who know them are very slim. Sure a lot of people wear shirts that say led Zeppelin but do they actually listen to the music. What is your favourite song (s)? Least favourite (s)? Any hidden meanings you see in any songs? Any stories that relate to a song? Anything else?


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  • Yeppers

    • You have heard of them or listen to them?

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    • Yep, Still Rock N roll to me by Billy Joel was one of the first songs I was exposed to, I was around 2 or 3.
      ^^ Everytime I hear it I get serious nostalgia.
      Thats so cute though!!! The first song you could ever sing? How old were you?

    • Sorry for such a late reply, i was probably around 5 or 6. My fav part of Still Rock N Roll is "You get more mileage from a cheap pair of sneakers" as i used to think it said "you get more mileage from a cheap set of speakers"

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  • like led zeppelin a lot. would respect them far more if they had given credit (the way the beatles and stones did) for a lot of their inspirations and songs they essentially lifted from other artists

    that said. they are immensely talented. perhaps the most talented four people ever to be in a single band. their first four albums were epic.

    favorite song? hard to say so many. bron-y- aur stomp, that's the way, the ocean, hey hey what can i do, what is and what should never be, houses of the holy... i could go on and on

    least fave: everything on In Through the Out Door except fool in the rain


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  • My favourite song is "Whole Lotta Love" and even though it is probably their most famous song, I am not an huge fan of "Stairway To Heaven"

    • Great song. Personally try listening to it in mono you won't get the same awesomeness

    • stairway to heaven loses it's appeal for me simply because i heard it sooo much. but i think it's an epic song they way it transitions through so many styles. but i think even if it wasn't so overplayed i'd still like other songs

  • i have only listened to stairway to heaven and i love that song

    • Classic pick. It is a good song, but honestly can get old. My favorite part is 5:55- the end

  • Stairway to Heaven is my favorite although I prefer harder rock like Dec Leopard and Guns N Roses

  • My favourite song is either "Dazed and Confused" or "Rock and Roll"

  • Love em.