Would you say that a singer is a more successful career than acting or is acting a more successful career than singing?


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  • It is like anything you are successful in that particular field - With singing/acting I say it is a mixture of luck and talent that helps you make it.


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  • I guess this depends on how you see success... is success money, fame or happiness? You can find happiness in either profession if you enjoy them, but fame may be short lived if you are a singer, as you are only as popular as your latest songs... longevity is extremely hard in the music business. If you are an actor, then your fame can last a lifetime because of just one performance. Both singing and acting can make a lot of money, but with music, too many people take a cut out of the profits. With acting you are on contract and get paid fixed amounts with only the manager getting a cut.


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  • Neither have very high odds of success. The amount of people who make it in either profession is very small.

  • Realistically, neither. You're 22. It's time to find a real job. I'd reccommend looking into a trade.

    • That's not what I asked!

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    • I'm aware of this.

      I've been singing since I was 4 and only now I've been paying for lessons and I've apparently at a high level of vocals.

      I'm a soprano.

      But to be honest nobody knows what the future holds unless we keep trying. If its a dream you have them you shouldn't give up no matter what.

      I've been acting since primary school and I've got involved in making of plays and acting courses. I'm now studying a performing arts degree.

      So I'm bond to get somewhere.

    • "Bound to get somewhere" rarely ever works out. You should at least try double majoring so you have something practical to fall back on.

  • its neither one or the other but both depend on true talent which is why no one gives a damn about ond direction any more or them lot from geordie shores


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  • If you are Jennifer Lawrence Acting and you compare it with like MIrah Carey, then acting is the better deal.

    However if you are say Carrie Underwood, and you compare it with Keri Washington, then Carrie Underwood takes the cake. It is all relative... it isn't about the career itself, it is about how you thrive doing what you love, the rest will come!