Girls, classic or recent piano songs?

Which do you find more attractive if a guy plays them? Classic or recent piano songs?
By recent I mean like Kiss the rain by Yiruma, or All of me by John Legend.


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  • Classic for sure!

    • Good to know, thanks!

  • It doesn't matter. If he knows how to play them, it's cool. But I'd recognize modern songs easier

  • I like classic. Break out some debussy like claire de lune and id be beyond impressed.

    • I know like 30 seconds of it but I can try to finish it haha

    • Do this for me... learn it. Next time you are in a hotel or a mall somewhere that has a piano just sitting there doing nothing. Sit down at it and bust out your best Claire de Lune and let me know what happens.

    • The problem is that there are no pianos in city just like that. I would love to live in a city where there are.
      Every piano I've seen here in a public space is damaged and really out of tune :(