Do you think its terrible pornstars get mistreated onset or in real life by other people?


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  • Excuse me? They are broken, they're selling their body for money, I think they deserve everything. C'mon be honest its not a good idea, young and inexperienced persons getting effected and they're thinking "sex is an amazing idea, you can earn money with this"

    • That's the most funniest thing I've heard

    • What they deserve is to be treated like the shit they are pshh , they grown to know what their doing nobody else fault.

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  • No not in the slightest, they knew perfectly well what they were letting themselves in for right from the beginning.

    • Yup exactly they deserve whatever comes their way. They knew what they were doing so I dont see why they think they deserve to be treated with respect. Especially when some of them quiet then expect everyone to not see them as an ex pornstar

    • Thank you for the MHO.


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  • It's bad that they are mistreated but you can't feel to bad for them as they did put themselves in that position to begin with and haven't got out of it.

    • Exactly they deserve whatever names they get called their selling a product with their bodies like prostitutes. But of course idiots are gonna lie saying its different pshh stupid people.

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  • They must like it in some twisted way... or they wouldn't do what they are doing.

    • Exactly they deserve whatever comes their way I don't understand why people dont agree well "some" do ofcourse.