What is a song (s) that you love/like from a movie?

For example for me it's:

''Day-O'' from Beetlejuice
''Stand by me'' from stand by me
''Little Ghost'' from ParaNorman
''Hurt'' from old man Logan (I've heard it prior to the trailer, it was a good choice for the opening trailer)
''Why should I worry'' from Oliver and company
''I put a spell on you'' from Hocus Pocus
''Poor unfortunate soul's'' from the little mermaid
''Cry little sister'' from the lost boy's
''Toxic Love & Batty rap'' from Ferngully
''Be Prepared from'' the lion king

''Under the sea'' from the little mermaid duh lol
''I wanna be like you'' from the jungle book.
ok, I'm down naming now lol cause I have too many.


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