Would you break up with your boyfriend if you found out that he had given his number to a gay guy who asked him out, even though he told him has a gf?

I was watching this video and this guy did a prank or "social experiment" and this guy asked other guys for their number. There was this really handsome guy who he asked out and the guy said no he has a girlfriend but he gave him his number anyways.


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  • What if he gave a fake number?

    • He had no reason to give him a fake number, the guy was not pushy at all, he was just asking and he left

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  • I actually dont know. What if the reason was just like, "idk gay dude seemed cool"? Like why would I say no to that?

    • If I was a dude and some dude asked for my phone number id prob give it to him. Nothing would happen anyways and who knows maybe the dude is actually pretty cool to hang with.

      The thing with phone numbers is that I dont care if you get them, or if you have other friends or whatever. Just make sure to break up with me of you ever decide you like the other person more, you know? Don't cheat on me.


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  • it's a red flag. I'd consider my options