Is grinding the only dance some people know?

I like dance competitions and think dance is a fantastic stress reliever. It is also great exercise and fun! But every place I go is just, well dryhumping... Scan the crowd at a club, and it's the only move being done.


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  • Lol, possibly that's the only thing they know about dance! I have a question, do you like when guys shave their whole body including legs over very hairy man?


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  • Sometimes I feel that way too. I love going out clubbing with my friends and I have to tell guys not to touch me if they ask me to dance. Either they don't understand or grinding is the only move they know. Soooooo annooooooyiiiiing! Seriously, doesn't anybody know how to just awkwardly dance with each other anymore? I'm not a baboon, so I'd prefer you not rub your private parts all over me

    • Yeah. Nobody wants to feel your roll of quarters in your pocket! I get more out of dorky guy going it solo dancing than taco Bell dog wrapped around my leg.


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  • Yup. In school dances there was also the "jumping up and down kind of to the beat" dance.

  • I hate dancing so yeah it's the only dance I would know how to do it

    But I know the names of many

  • clubs, aren't ballrooms

    • Yes they are. Blue ball rooms

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    • clubs are NOT ball rooms

    • I've been to many a nightclub in redone ball rooms. I think you missed the point of the topic.

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