Is it too risky in a young adult novel for a 16 year old boy to lift up a shirt of a 15 year old boy too look at his injuries?

Im writing a young adult book and the 16 year old boy who is a bully starts developing feelings for the 15 year old. One day they are in a vehicle and they crash. The 15 year old passes out and he is bleeding. The 16 year old boy lifts up his shirt to look at the wound and he discovers that he is not like other humans because his wound is healing.


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  • It should be fine but I question the target audience since YA's generally don't understand themselves or their sexuality enough to explore such feelings. Particularly boys.

    • Its pretty obvious that the target Audience is the young lgbt community

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    • that's true, just to me the topic doesn't suit YA. to be honest it's probably more to do with the fact that it's two young guys and guys as a rule aren't as open about any such feelings as girls are. Simply because there is a stigma attached to it.

    • Well they are not open to feelings in the story. The guy that likes him actually bullies him. When he lifts up his shirt it is not sexual. I never let my underage characters engage in sexual activity

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  • Sounds great, but why is this part of the novel only homosexual... why not the whole story. It might confuse the reader

    • The main characters are gay or bisexual guys in the story

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    • Then I think its totally fine.

    • 3d

      Thank you :-)

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  • If you're writing a homo-erotic novel then it's perfectly appropriate.

    • I only want that scene to be homoeroric, not the entire novel. The lead characters in the novel are gay, but their sexuality is not the main focus of the book. I previously wrote an adult fantasy gay manuscript but I want to try to write a young adult science fiction manuscript this time

  • Please stop writing this shit

    • I wrote an adult fantasy novel that is over 100,000 words that features adults where the main characters are gay and there are sex scenes. But I would never make underage characters have sex so stop hating

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    • My entire book is not about gays. You act like the entire book is that way

    • Yeah but that part ruins the entire book

  • risqué *


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