Tell me ur recent favorite movie, and summarize it without ruining the movie (: I'm looking for some good movies to watch tonight lol


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  • My idea of "recent" is kind of wide given my age. Also not sure if it's a "favorite", but it's hard to find new films I really like these days.

    I'm going with Dredd 3D (2012). It's about a futuristic setting where judges now fight crime as judge, jury, and executioner (very efficient). There's a new drug being distributed called slo-mo which gives the perception of time slowing down. In investigating drug-related violence, Judge Dredd and a brand new rookie team up inside this giant, fortified, multi-story living space to fight off gangs.

    It has the appeal to me of early 90s and 80s action films -- no lengthy exposition, no blatant attempt to flesh out a complex universe -- just a guy and a girl trapped inside a building full of bad guys, with tension and suspense throughout.

  • Iron Sky series (nazis on the moon, nazis riding dinosaurs and flying saucers)