What do you think are the worst type of movie/book/television show endings?

I'll use a movie as an example of my worst type of movie ending.

Basically, any movie where the only way to comprehend the ending is if you've seen another RANDOM movie before (This obviously doesn't include SEQUELS).

For instance, I can understand why the ending of the movie "Saw 3" won't make since if you haven't seen the first two "Saw" movies, since those are part of a movie SERIES.

What I don't like, is if I watch a movie, and the ending ties in with another movie which doesn't even relate to the film. Why do I hate this? Because if I've never seen the other movie, than the movie is pointless to me.

@Somewhat_Normal Yes! The laziest surprise endings ever.

@ThatUnknownGirl I've never seen that show.


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  • How I met your mother the ending is suppose to lead up to finally finding out who the mother is but it felt it was so rushed and then what happened to her. That's the only one I can think of at the moment


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  • I really hate the stupid endings when it's like 'And it was all just a dream...' It's becoming rarer for that to happen these days thankfully but I remember this happening in a lot of books I read as a child and even in movies, it turned me off from a lot of them


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  • I know a few but can't think of them


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