How do I gain a following on social media?

I never understand why people I'm friends with (at school) don't be liking, commenting, or sharing my stuff. I do the same for them and they don't do the same to me. Like I get around 1-2 likes every time I post something. And my friends get around 20-100 likes on the things they post.

Like, for instant, I will make a post about some poll or something. The kind of the post that you're telling people to do something to see if they are actually seeing your stuff. No one likes, comment, or nothing. If a post some quote or picture, people will like my stuff and noticed that I post something.

Every time my friends post about doing a tbh and claims they are doing all, I like their post and don't get a tbh at all. I'm like where's my tbh?

I want to have a following because I feel like I just have social media for nothing, but memes and WSHH videos. I want to connect with people and have people showing they care about the things I do (aka I want to be known). I may sound a bitchy attention whore, but what's the whole point of using social media if you're not catering to others and not being known for something? Like what's the point of posting if you don't get likes and no one seems to notice. I need some tips to build a broader audience than the same 2 people I have.


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  • I feel what you mean that's why I deleted almost all of my social media. But if they don't like anything with you maybe you should stop liking things from them or just ask what do you think of this


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  • Switch genders