Video games and Valentine's Day?

I've recently gotten really into first player shooting games. I've been bored at home since graduating early. I wouldn't say that I'm addicted but I really like it. I've seen how much my boyfriend and brothers love playing These types of games and thought why not. I'm currently playing Star Wars battlefront and really like it.
I'm super new at it but I really like it. Are there any games I could get my boyfriend for Valentine's Day that we could both play. He has a PlayStation. But I've been playing the Star Wars game on an Xbox one.


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  • Battlefield 1, is awesome. GTA (you can play that together it's super fun with a party of friends) COD remastered

  • get any of the borderlands games. they are multi-player first person shooters and me and my wife play all the time

  • Like a shooter you can play together?

    • Yea, Is it a bad idea for Valentine's Day?

    • I don't think so the only problem is most shooters have become online only multiplayer like destiny.
      Does he have borderlands it's the best cooperative shooter I know of

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