How would you describe colour to a blind person?

I like to throw random questions about sometimes


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  • Through all their remaining senses. Red feels so hot, almost burning... blue sounds like a single violin playing. Green is when you walk outside and take a deep breath of brisk, fresh air. Yellow is the scent of a lemon.

    • I like the answer you have given, I guess it has a lot to do with how people feel towards things

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  • Not going to lie... this question made me think. I guess by playing certain songs that represent what a color means/feels.

    • I like the fact that it relates to emotions, I think that it does help with music also because music makes the brain more creative

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  • I mean, I don't think you really can. I'm not blind, but I have no sense of smell. There isn't really a way to describe something to someone who doesn't have the sense to perceive it. No one can make me understand what something smells like, not really. I dont think you can describe a colour tosomeone who can't see it.

  • I've been told that describing it as akin to different textures is the best way of getting the message across in a meaningful way.

    I once described the mouthfeel of alcohol to somebody who didn't drink as feeling like the difference between water and milk, with the second being thicker, more viscous etc and he told me that was the first time it had ever made sense to him.