The first time I ever listened to Adele, it was ther track she did for the James Bond movie Skyfall.

I thought her voice was great, the song was amazing. I went on to become sort of a fan of hers.

Then I got home and caught the grammys in time to see the end of a horrid, out of key performance. It was embarrassing. Then I see Adele get on the stage and she was off too and just as I say "Why does everyone suck at this place?" She stopped the whole show, had everyone start over and came pretty close to nailing the song. I mean, it was an acceptable performance and there were definitely parts which gave me chills.

I mean, the love for what you do and the kind of person you have to be to stop the band on live television lol. I thought it was pretty awesome.


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  • I would probably like her music more if it wasn't so overplayed.

  • Adele rocks!!!