Nekopara anime series, leave a comment or help support it?

Nekopara anime series, leave a comment or help support it?

I'm participating in the making and maybe voice acting it.

About this project

NEKOPARA is a visual novel series about living together with humanoid cats, designed and created by Sayori, an illustrator living in Japan.

Originally, Sayori created the VNs with the simple dream of seeing the doujinshis she had written come to life, but so many people read and loved NEKOPARA's cute characters, story, and charm. As a result, NEKOPARA has achieved popularity with fans worldwide!

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  • Gonna ask my daughter if she wants to support it.

    I have a friend who wants to voice a character in any video game or animation, he says he will do it for free.

    • Is in full Japanese tho

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    • already did, my daughter asked her dad, and he donated/supported

    • Thank you very much for supporting!! we going to hit stretch goal of 1 million.

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  • Dude, this looks like an amazing project. I'll have to see if I can donate. Good luck on it!


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  • Awesome! I don't have Nekopara on steam but I've been interested in checking it out. An anime for it would be so cool. I think Vanilla is really cute :3

  • Done, supported.
    Good luck!

  • I am so pissed off at you, I always wanted to make my own fucking anime and get you to draw some of my characters but you refused. I wanted you to help me with my Arthur and Rachel love story...

    • I have a job, in fact almost everyone called me to draw and I rejected them all.

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    • That won't happen forever because is against the law.

    • Writing a anime/ story arc about a man being raped is against the law?

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