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Boyfriend looking at other girls on Facebook, wrong/right?

Let me start by saying that I have an excellent relationship and I do not doubt for one minute the my man does not love me...However when he told me... Show More

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  • First of all you should be concerned about the situation. And if he erased the history there must be something he is hiding from you. If he was your man he wouldn't have to hide nothing from you. You should ask a few questions and see how he reacts on it. And don't feel like that was and wrong ideal going through his history. That's something all women's do. But if you trust him don't be insecure about things he do maybe they are just friends but make sure that's all they are.

    • He knows that I have checked his history before so maybe he is hiding it to wind me up!!! I need some advice from guys, any out there care to comment pleasE?!!!! ;-)

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