Why is it that toddlers will eat their own boogers,

but they won't eat their vegetables? This is something that has always amazed me - any one care to venture a guess?


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  • Vegetables aren't as tasty.


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  • There's a theory that kids eat their boogers to introduce them to pathogens and boost their immune system with antibodies for the rest of their life.

    Makes sense to me.

    • Perhaps this is why my immune system is not the best it could be >_>

      I was a thumb sucker, not a nose picker. lol

    • When I have a kid all that damn lysol and purell and sterlize this and steam that... Won't be in my household.

      Kids need to exposed to those things. For the most part they can recover faster when they're young and the antibodies they create stay with them for life.

    • So that's why I rarely get sick..!!:P

  • I think it's more based along the lines of simple curiosity, as they are seemingly more interested in those things, (yuck) than they are for say, the leafy greens and those sort of things.

  • I liked the way they tasted at the time, although now I find them disgusting.

  • Ahhh I Remember That Strangely Enough I Remember That They Were distinctly salty. and humans have a natural craving for salt so that is probobly why

  • Because they know Vegetables are good for them, if they thought boogers where healthy they might stop. Or tell them that boogers are nose poop... I don't know lol

    • Lol that is cute. I'm all about lying to children to get them to do what you want - at least while you can when they are young enough that they believe anything you say. I'm sure it doesn't help to build a foundation of trust, but darnit - if telling them that yogurt is ice cream and graham crackers are cookies and boogers are nose poop will get them to eat healthier, by golly I'll do it! rofl.

    • LMAO I'm with you, it's all for there best interest at heart.

      And it's a good way to enjoy the innocence of life. =D

      kids are great

      i don't care what Dantheman say's I'm not about to let me

      child eat that sh*t, nose hair are there to stop dust and

      other air bound things that shouldn't be , so I don't think they

      eating them is the best idea...

    • I'm not going to lie... as a nurse I am all for hand washing and keeping things clean :) I think there is a good balance. I'll try at all costs to avoid antibiotics for my children especially at a young age. I think it is good to allow their natural defenses to do what they do best, but at the same time I won't encourage eating things off of the ground (or from their nose) or hanging out with their friends who have vericella zoster like a lot of parents from the nineties did >_>

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  • ewwwwww. oh geez. well I would do the airplane thing if I had a baby and make vegetables more exciting :D

    • :D lol its amazing what works with kids.

  • It depends on the toddler. My nephew eats his vegetables, and he wipes his nose on me (or whoever is most convenient). My niece was a nose picker though.