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Why is ex acting cold towards me after being friendly afterwards?

We broke up and it was hard for both of us. We have a daughter so he came over but we had a argument where I cried in front of him. Since the... Show More

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  • maybe he is not over the argument.why did you have a argument? did it end on a good note?

    • We argued over our legal custody. can't make decisions w.out the others approval and he was making decisions without evene asking. but no it didn't leae on a good note. he was rude then walked away and when I asked if I could speak to him another 5mn away from our son he just ignored me and preteneded he was busy. I was crying a lot afterwards bcasue he's so stressful and angering.thats how it ended.

    • Hmmm then that explains why he is acting like that he is probaly hurt and mad and not ready to talk about it yet. I say give it a week or a ltitle to let things calm down then try contacting himand aww stay strong no matter whatgod will not put you through anything he knows you can't handle.