Best place to meet serious, mature guys...

I recently got in an interesting conversation with a few friends, so girls and guys, what are the best places to meet serious potential boyfriends (and girlfriends maybe, if you will)

I say that only through clubs that support something that you are passionate about

what about you ?

  • Vote A Bars, clubs
  • Vote B Museums, art galleries, concerts
  • Vote C Coffee shops, cafeterias, restaurants
  • Vote D School
  • Vote E Church or religious activities
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Special events are the best places to find guys. Sports, art festivals, town fairs and the like. Events that hosts hundreds of people out in the open just having a good time. But when you serious consider it, sometimes the best men you can ever find have been standing next to you every day. What most women think of a good man(tall, drop-dead handsome, rich, race-specific, athletic) is a bit different from reality. Many of the best choices are men who are not so tall and not so great looking but have their heads on straight, gets involved in life and does not have 4 kids with 3 different women. Try going to events you may not even think twice about such as renaissance faires, civil war reenactments, anime conventions or low-exposure sports like college wrestling, baseball, lacross or even field sports like archery. You must might be surprised how many down-to-earth gentlemen you will find, even at those geeky anime conventions.

    Clubs is not a good place to look for men ame with bars and churches. But all this really depends on what is it you are looking for in a man and what you want to do with them.