Best place to meet serious, mature guys...

I recently got in an interesting conversation with a few friends, so girls and guys, what are the best places to meet serious potential boyfriends (and girlfriends maybe, if you will)

I say that only through clubs that support something that you are passionate about

what about you ?

  • Bars, clubs
    4% (4)7% (5)5% (9)Vote
  • Museums, art galleries, concerts
    28% (30)20% (15)25% (45)Vote
  • Coffee shops, cafeterias, restaurants
    36% (38)32% (24)34% (62)Vote
  • School
    19% (20)32% (24)24% (44)Vote
  • Church or religious activities
    13% (14)9% (6)12% (20)Vote
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  • Special events are the best places to find guys. Sports, art festivals, town fairs and the like. Events that hosts hundreds of people out in the open just having a good time. But when you serious consider it, sometimes the best men you can ever find have been standing next to you every day. What most women think of a good man(tall, drop-dead handsome, rich, race-specific, athletic) is a bit different from reality. Many of the best choices are men who are not so tall and not so great looking but have their heads on straight, gets involved in life and does not have 4 kids with 3 different women. Try going to events you may not even think twice about such as renaissance faires, civil war reenactments, anime conventions or low-exposure sports like college wrestling, baseball, lacross or even field sports like archery. You must might be surprised how many down-to-earth gentlemen you will find, even at those geeky anime conventions.

    Clubs is not a good place to look for men ame with bars and churches. But all this really depends on what is it you are looking for in a man and what you want to do with them.


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  • What you say could work. I still say the best way is meeting people in social events like parties and such.and I'm not talking about the crazy college parties, but once you start working lets say at a company, people thn have some type of social event; you show up to that,and you get a exposed to other people, and maybe meet a guy that way. I know my friend has tried churches, but the deal with that, is that there are a bunch of weird guys that go to those to specifically meet women! :P

    • I completely agree here.

      It's all about the social setting and the rules that govern them. The museums, church or bookstores consist of people with different agendas, usually to study, worship or amusement. Whereas parties, clubs or even bars usually have people who are there purely for social interaction.

      Now the quality of people in these gatherings will obviously vary from where and who but generally speaking, those are the best places to meet guys and girls.

  • I totally disagree that church is a bad idea. If you are looking for moral fiber and a person who has a stable idea of how to live (serious, mature) church is perfect. We all need help whether we admit it to ourselves or not, pick the people who are mature enough to admit it and desire to become to improve as a person.

    Look up stats on couples with strong spiritual lives, they often have better sex, are healthier, and raise better kids.

    Remember, like anything else you have good examples and bad examples. Learn the difference between both and you'll find a great guy.

  • Always a fan of coffee shops, largely because I enjoy tooling around with books, and chasing the opposite sex isn't really the point of the activity. Also, coffee shops in/near bookstores provide free context to strike up a conversation. Bars tend to put a bit of pressure into things, so most people I run into tend to force conversations along (rather awkward), or become shy, and just stand around (equally bad, but easier to overcome).

    Really, though, be open to meet people (and not for dating alone) pretty much anywhere. I've met some interesting characters on the NY subway, airline flights, in lines for concerts, while repairing a fan for Habitat for Humanity's re-use center, and a bevy of other places that I wasn't really looking for.

    I'd suggest not really going "date-hunting". Simply roaming around, looking to meet interesting people is far more fun, and tends to lead to some entertaining stories, as well. And if something more comes of a random encounter, so be it.

  • I think a coffee shops are a great place to meet people in general. Most people who go to a coffee shop are social business people anyway. They usually have a routine of being at the shop at a certain time of day during the week. Besides the coffee shop, the beach has been a great place for me to meet new people.

  • If you want a good guy don't look in a club. I don't look for women in clubs because we both go there for one reason to get laid. Not saying everybody does that but most do. There is all kind of places, stores, mainly everyday living there is always a good guy that pass you by and all you need to do is say hi.Based on the environment of the place that would decide what kind of person he or she is, so keep that in mind as well.

  • coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants for sure.

    Bars and clubs (dance clubs) are for people looking for a good time for a limited time.

    I believe that people often have the best first impressions and best conversations over a meal. this same practice is used in the business world during "lunch conferences" "meeting the new client" or wining and dining the prospective customer. Food and drink is the international language of "hi, nice to meet you, I hope I get to know you".

    I agree with you though, I've met some pretty cool girls working on organized projects (interest group oriented)

  • I voted schools because really, education is serious business. That said, not everyone there is going to be serious, you have to view how they treat their studies.

    In theory you can meet them everywhere. Serious mature guys can go to bars and clubs. You can pick them out by how they conduct themselves around others. Do they get really drunk, or drink responsibly? Do they hit on everyone, or have fun dancing and be polite?

    It's easy to go museum/art gallery route, but a lot of guys know going there makes them look cultured and might be there to score. It's a long route, some guys might even learn about it the art just to do it, lol. That's actually a hobby really, being serious and having a mature understanding of history doesn't mean you're mature and serious about other aspects of your life. Sometimes people only have certain parts of their life together.

    Coffee shops are great and full of nice people but starting conversations is awkward and rude, I know when I go I'm there to read the paper or something not get hit on.

    Church or religious activities are a BAD idea. There is nothing mature or serious about going to them. Some people do it because they're in a bad state and need help, others to look like 'nice guys' so that girls will like them. Don't do it!

  • not clubs

    coffee shops or restaurants or art museums or new york

  • Have you tried online dating? That's how I met my girlfriend. Granted, a lot of guys are creeps, but just like IRL, you filter them out (actually they kind of weed themselves out).

  • Some people would expect for me to say "church and religious activities" because I am a Christian man; however, I know for a fact that some dudes go to church just to pick up "good girls."

    • Lol, honestly I've never heard that, haha!

  • The best place to meet them is school!

    But that really shouldn't be a surprise

    Meet them in class

    Meet people in dorms, if you live on campus

    Even at parties with friends!


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  • I think something like an art gallery or a concert is a good place to meet guys; or similaly a sports event. Something which highlights a person's interests.

    If both of you are there, there is some obvious common ground and shared interest. Something which could lead to an initial conversation.

    It really depends on what you're looking for in a guy.

  • I voted C but I also agree with D. I love going to cafe's and restaurants and I have gotten into various conversations with guys at some point. One of my friends actually found one of her bf's at a cafe, and they got into talking through the newspaper they were reading. And they are still together and have been for almost 2 years now. So, being said that, I myself, love coffee shops because it gives me the whole sophisticated image and its very appealing to me. School, forsure, but not in highschool. I have noticed that guys that I know right now ( I am in highschool) and the guys I know outside of my school are SO different in matuarity levels. And it shows that I'd be more confident about mature guys in university rather then in highschool. BUT that's not to say some of the highschool guys aren't mature - there are. I just havn't met thm yet . In any case, school is defintly one of the options because once you start making friends and hang out - you know more about the other person and so maybe you can take it a step farther.

    So, I picked C :D

  • For me, I meet the most eligible guys in school, because I'm still a student. But I do agree that coffee shops are the best place to go to meet guys or girls with serious intentions.

    It's funny though that I met my guy at a club, and we're pretty serious. Of course he's not long-term "let's-get-married" potential (I'm too young for that), but he does have serious and good intentions towards me.

    I guess he's an exception. I got lucky I didn't get a jerk. :p

  • well, I was wondering the same thing so I decided to go to church with my friend this sunday, I heard that's a great place to meet them!

  • Internet, I like nerdy guys.

  • Tell you the truth you can meet good guys anywhere even bars/clubs

    and you can meet jerks at museums and art galleries too.

  • sports or just hanging at the mall or amusement park

  • Ha, ha, well,

    I would say school, depending on your age I guess.

    It just proves how serious they are to NOT drop out, lol. :P

    But coffee shop/etc. seem to be a really good place too, social business--people always seem to hang around there!

  • I personally prefer the internet, a lot of sophisticated single men are there online on the free dating sites such as MeetOutside. com , quite easy to catch their attention on there as well.

  • I think church events and school are the easiest ways to meet decent guys. Museums probably carry good men, but it can be hard to just walk up to somebody and talk to them. Especially with church, it's easy to meet people, because everyone is so least from my experience.